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More Excutive Portraits

Liz and I love doing these Executive Portraits. There is nothing worse than an Executive using a photo that someone took with a point and shoot camera with a garage door, bed sheet or some other junk in the background. The only worse thing than that is if it was taken with a cell phone. Now there is really nothing wrong with these two types of cameras in the hands of someone that knows how to properly edit them in Photoshop, Lightroom or some other pro software. Unfortunately the folks using these cameras have no idea how to use these programs and their subjects wind up looking like out of focus prisoners. Every Exec should have professional portrait ready to use at a moments notice
for a business card, brochure, web site etc.

Our business portraits are reasonably priced, professionally retouched and most of the time delivered within hours of being taken. Be sure to call for an appointment and look professional.

This is Kevin and Gail a married couple, both attorneys. We did their portraits yesterday. Their son will be getting married in the fall. We will be photographing the Wedding.

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