Thursday, August 7, 2014

Anna & Nicole

We photographed these two sisters this afternoon. Anna on the left is a singer and needed
this photo for a publicity release. Her sister, Nicole is off to school in Hong Kong and
needed a photo.  Although they are sisters, they were both very different. They were great
to work with and we wish them both luck in their careers.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Malverne Fire Dept. Plaque

We do a group photograph of the Malverne Fire Department every Memorial Day just before their parade. The guys are great, they know just what to do. They set up the chairs and all take their places. They are all very well behaved as a group. No fooling around like a group shot at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. They make it easy to do. Last year we switched their yearly placque to the one above. We just got this one in today and we thought we would share it here on the blog before the Chief comes to pick it up. I think he will be happy with it. How about you?

Saturday, August 2, 2014


A few years ago we did a portrait of  Natalia's sister Maria for her Quincenera. This year Natalia chose our studio to do her portrait. They are both beautiful, bright and fun girls. We have made an 11x14 canvas print for her and are in the process of making an 8x8 album of 20 images. We are also making an 8x12 Metal print of this image with a stand on the back as a studio sample. It will have a Glossy finish. Metal prints are all the rage and are a great new medium for your images.  Their popularity has been growing at a very fast pace here at our studio.

This image was made in our studio with one main light, background and hair lights. RAW file processed in Lightroom, Photoshop and Professional Portrait software. Camera was Nikon D7100, lens Nikon 18-200mm.